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Tree diseases are the ones that kill our dreams of having a beautiful lawn and home. Trees usually make our homes better when seen from the garden or even afar. Having a pretty lawn make a perception that your home is, too. Below are the types of tree diseases you may find in your lawn and the reasons why you should avoid them. These tree diseases may be found in your lawn, and here is how you can prevent them from happening.


These three types of tree diseases: bacterial leaf scorch, brown rot, and root rots. They are the most common types of diseases and the reasons why trees and plants are dying in the US. We will discuss below on how and what you can do to eradicate them so you can have that perfect lawn or garden.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch 

This tree disease is formed by bacteria and stops water from getting into the tree’s roots. It usually infects trees such as elm, oak, sycamore, maple, catalpa, and distinct shade trees. You can detect it if your tree has it by spotting a different kind of browning on its leaves on the lower branches. The spread of this disease is accelerated by insects that eat diseased trees.

Brown Rot

This type of tree disease infects mostly cherry trees. It is caused by a fungus called “Monilinia Laxa” and was first discovered through fruit orchards. Noticing an unusual darkening and dying of your cherry blossoms and leaves are signs of having this tree disease. The spread of this disease, however, starts with rain, wind, and insects that carry the fungus. It then infects cherry blossoms and shoots.

Root Rots 

This type of tree disease is caused by phytophthora, armillaria, and laetiporus fungi. They live in soils that have high moisture levels. This disease usually affects pines and evergreens that are situated in tight, overly watered places, and have terrible drainage. Trees planted on sandy soil can be heavily affected too. You can discover if your tree is infected with this disease if you notice the growth of mushrooms and some discoloration at the lower side of the roots of the tree.

It usually spreads when the fungus is not alive anymore and the tree is no longer healthy or is already dying. Make sure that after removing the tree and its roots, you take care of your soil. If you’re planning to plant again, make sure that your soil and surroundings are healthy because if your soil is still infected, the disease may just continue to live on your plants and trees

Having healthy soil and a place for your plants and trees to grow healthy is a great foundation for the longevity of your garden. If help and guidance is needed in this process, tree specialists are the experts in the field and are willing to care for your diseased trees and prevent more damage to your garden as well.

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